Serving those who deserve it most

Every day more than 10,000 people in the United States become eligible for Medicare. That’s 10,000 parents, grandparents, aunts, brothers, friends and mentors who deserve a better, simpler and more empathetic healthcare system.

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Our opportunity

More than 25% of these seniors live in rural communities where access is a challenge—smaller hospitals are closing or consolidating, specialists are often long distances away and primary care providers are retiring rapidly. Virtual care, while valuable, remains limited by broadband access and does not replace the benefits of trusted local care.

Rural communities also tend to have lower Medicare Advantage participation levels, which means fewer benefits for these patients. Studies show that seniors living in rural communities experience:


higher prevalence of multiple chronic conditions


higher prevalence of diabetes


higher prevalence of obesity


higher prevalence of chronic heart failure


higher mortality rate

Oasis is here to address these disparities and reimagine rural senior care.

Founded in partnership

Brian Mathis & Kari Snaza
Meet Our CEO

Brian Mathis

Meet Brian Mathis, co-founder and chief executive officer of Oasis Health Partners. Prior to Oasis, Brian served as chief strategy officer at Sevita, the largest provider of home and community-based healthcare in the U.S., and Optum Care, the country’s largest risk bearing physician organization. In these roles, Brian had the opportunity to help build an integrated care offering for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and enable thousands of physicians to advance in value-based care. He saw firsthand some of the most striking challenges to achieving health equity in this country, most of which tie directly to access to great preventative care. Brian believes there are heroes in communities across America making this possible every day for some and is eager to help more people access the care they deserve.

Meet Our President

Kari Severson Snaza

Meet Kari Severson Snaza, co-founder and president of Oasis Health Partners. Kari’s family roots are proudly planted in rural communities across the Midwest. Growing up, she saw the vast inequities in care between small towns and big cities. These formative personal experiences inspired her to devote her career to healthcare. Throughout her career, Kari has had the opportunity to work in value-based primary care with health systems and health plans across the U.S. and abroad. Most recently, she served as the chief strategy officer for Mayo Clinic, following a fifteen-year career at UnitedHealth Group. Her journey has taught her what great care looks like and what opportunities remain. Looking forward, Kari is motivated to make healthcare more resilient, patient-centered and sustainable.

Grounded in our mission, vision, and values

Grounded in our mission, vision and values

Through their work and firsthand experiences in healthcare, Brian and Kari see an opportunity to address the health equity challenges of seniors in rural communities.

Forming Oasis is a way to partner with great providers and enable them to spend more of their time focused on providing care for the patients who need it most.

Our Mission
Our Mission

is to build healthier communities by advancing primary care.

Our Vision
Our Vision

is to build healthier communities across America by partnering with patients, providers and health plans to provide personalized, local care.

Our Values
Our Values

Our team is deeply committed to living out our values in our relationships with our partners, communities and each other.

Listen first

We started with the principle of Listen First.  Every patient, every provider and every health plan is different. We can only serve our partners well if we Listen First to understand their unique challenges, opportunities and priorities.

Do the right thing

We embrace our mission, vision and values as our true north. We expect our team to Do the Right Thing, acting with integrity and putting the needs of the patient first.  

Build together

We embrace a partnership model where we Build Together as we believe new, innovative models are needed to create the healthcare system we want for our local communities.

Go all in

We are taking on significant challenges and our team is prepared to Go All In for our partners and our communities.  We are resilient and relentless in our pursuit of personalized, local care for seniors.

Have fun!

Last but certainly not least is Have Fun!  We are embarking on this journey because we genuinely enjoy the challenge of building healthier communities by advancing primary care with incredible partners.