Oasis enables providers to spend more time doing what they love – caring for their patients.

We believe in the transformational power of primary care for seniors in underserved communities

At Oasis, primary care is where great healthcare begins. We understand the challenges of rural healthcare – limited resources, access to care and health inequities, and we’re here to help.
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The Oasis Advantage

The Oasis Advantage

Health unites humanity. There is nothing more personal or important than our health. When it comes to healthcare, we’re in it together.

Oasis is building healthier communities across America by partnering with patients, providers and health plans to provide personalized, local care. Seniors benefit from better access to quality care, providers can spend more time with the patients who need it most and health plans benefit from better performance.

Serving seniors in small towns

Providing quality care to seniors living in rural America presents significant barriers but comes with unique rewards. Big challenges require big solutions. At Oasis, we celebrate rural healthcare. Our hyper-local specialized senior care model empowers primary care providers and their patients.

The Oasis Advantage for Patients

The Oasis Advantage

for Patients
Spend more time with your provider
Experience a comprehensive annual visit, where you can discuss health concerns and opportunities and develop a personalized care plan
Access quality care where you prefer – in-clinic, in-home, or virtually
Understand, review and maximize your health plan benefits
The Oasis Advantage for Providers

The Oasis Advantage

for Providers
Spend more time with your patients
Access the experienced Oasis Health Advocate, Nurse Practitioner and care team
Optimize your practice with best-in-class data and analytics, tools and technology and value-based care resources
Receive rewards for the value you create
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The power of preventative primary care

Our healthcare system waits until we become sick before it kicks into action. Why not focus on prevention to help us stay well? At Oasis, we live by the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Preventative, proactive primary care helps seniors avoid ER visits and hospitalizations, better manage chronic conditions and improve their overall quality of life. 

At Oasis we aim to:

Support the relationship between patients and their primary care providers
Empower primary care providers to thrive in value-based care
Provide better access to high quality, comprehensive preventative care
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Invest in the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve
Create a partnership model that aligns the incentives of all stakeholders
Holding Heart
Keep care local

Join our team

Rural care is important. If you have a heart for supporting healthcare in the rural communities we serve, we’d love to hear from you.